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Sunday 10 November 2013

Busting the myths in the workplace

When starting their first job or changing jobs, it is important that employees understand their rights and obligations. Employers have a responsibility to ensure employment terms, contracts and other employment related rights and obligations are acknowledged.
Employers may face penalties for breaching an employee's rights. Therefore it is important that employers keep themselves aware of any changes made to employment law.
Some of the myths the Fair Work Ombudsman has dispelled include the following:
You don't need to pay employees for time spent opening/closing a store or attending training outside normal work hours.You must pay employees for all the time they are required to work.
Casual employees don't get leave.Casual employees are entitled to some unpaid leave.
You don't have to give employees pay slips.You must give all employees pay slips within 1 working day of pay-day.
As an employer you have to give employees three warnings before firing them.There is no legal requirement that says you have to give three warnings.

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