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Tuesday 19 March 2013

Understanding The Cloud

What is the Cloud? (access this guide, go to Xero –Small Business Guides)
The cloud is where you put all your data, all your files and even your software so you can access if from any computer or device anytime, anywhere. Xero are tackling the tough questions about cloud computing so you can be prepared before moving your business to the cloud.

Isn’t cloud computing just the internet?  You use the internet to connect your device to the cloud, but the internet is just the connection – the cloud is where your data lives.

Isn’t it possible to lose your data in the cloud?  Your data is actually much safer in the cloud than on your computer.  Your computer can be stolen or corrupted quite easily, but cloud companies spend millions on systems and experts to protect your data.

Is ‘the cloud’ an Apple product?  Apple has a product called the iCloud, which uses cloud technology, but many other companies provide products in the cloud such as Google, Dropbox and Xero.

Aren’t you stuck if the internet goes down? These days the internet is like electricity, it’s very rare for it to go down and when it does you jut have to wait a short time for it to be available again.  In the meantime your data is safe in the cloud.

Isn’t cloud computing just a fad? The cloud has been around for years and it’s only getting bigger.  Internet banking started over 15 years ago.  Now the technology is so fast and cheap that it’s being used for everything.

Don’t I lose control of my data? You actually have much more control of your data, since you can access, share and work your info, anywhere, anytime on any device.  You also control who has access – which you can revoke in an instant.

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