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Saturday 23 March 2013

MYOB Cloud Tips

MYOB top five tips for cloud computing to empower  SME’s

  1. Research trustworthy cloud service providers.  Important criteria when researching providers includes their credibility, technology and reputation.   Consider seeking advice from IT consultants, financial advisors and other business owners.
  2. Review benefits and considerations of different cloud models.  You’ll discover cloud computing can take on many forms: some require you to learn new skills, others only work when you’re connected to the internet, and others also work in offline modes.  Focus on the benefits for your business and then determine the technology required.  E.G if you’re interested in the ability to have online, offline access to your data anytime, anywhere then cloud-enabled software solutions offer the best of both worlds; cloud, desktop or both.
  3. Prioritise security.  The cloud involves accessing applications, information and data over the internet, via a third-party provider. Therefore their policies and procedures should be robust.  This includes physical security as well as firewalls, anti-virus, disaster recovery, auditing and testing.
  4. Read the fine print.  Check on any hidden costs, add-on, features that will have additional costs.
  5. Evaluate your own IT process and systems.  Each business is unique with varying budgets.  Evaluating your own IT process and systems is essential before migrating to the cloud.  E.G. will you require cloud access for all staff and for multiple devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones?  What areas of your business will truly benefit from incorporating the cloud?  A good provider will help you budget and plan for the future.  Take the time to map out a transition plan to help make the move to your chosen cloud solution smoother and easier.

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