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Wednesday 3 June 2015

Common BAS errors

  1. Businesses that are registered or required to be registered for Goods and Services Tax [GST] and PAYG Withholding need to prepare a BAS.
  2. Activity statements are personalised to each business and any options which they may have chosen at the time of registration. Items which taxpayers may need to disclose include:

    • GST;
    • PAYG Instalments;
    • PAYG Withholding;
    • Wine equalisation tax;
    • Fringe benefits tax; and
    • Luxury car tax.
  3. The Tax Office has published a list of common errors made by businesses when submitting their BAS and provided explanations on how to rectify these errors.
  4. Some of the common mistakes frequently made include:
    Including wages and superannuation contributions as purchases at label G11.
    Wages should be reported at W1. Superannuation contributions do not need to be disclosed.
    Including dollars and cents.
    Only whole dollars need to be shown on the BAS. Avoid cents, decimals, commas, symbols or words.
    Not including the sale of a business.
    The sale price of a business, including any GST, must be reported at G1. When it is a GST-free sale of a going concern, the amounts still need to be disclosed at G1 and at G3. If it is taxable, include GST at 1A.
    Not reporting amounts withheld from payments when an ABN has not been quoted.
    If an ABN has not been quoted, you must report amounts withheld from payments at label W4.
    Lodging activity statements after your FBT return.
    If you pay FBT by instalments, all BASs must be lodged inclusive of the BAS for the FBT year ending March 31 before your FBT return is lodged. Allows undelayed processing of your FBT account.

    Click here to access the full list of common BAS errors.

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