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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Australian Government's guide to individuals selling or closing a business

A business owner may need to address the following issues when closing or selling their business:
  • Cancelling the company and business name;
  • Ending or transferring lease agreements; and
  • Cancelling taxation registrations.

The video 'Journey of selling or closing a small business' may assist individuals through the different stages of the process, with advice such as:
  • Investigate how to sell or close the business;
  • Getting ready to sell or close the business;
  • Learn how to find a buyer for the business;
  • Find out more on contract preparation;
  • Understanding the settlement process; and
  • Know how to finalise after sale closure.

There is also a Q&A video that gives the business owner the answers to most commonly asked questions.
For more information, click here.

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