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Tuesday 21 October 2014

How to Use the Clean Up Company Feature in Reckon Accounts

Which transactions can I remove? The Clean Up Company Data wizard offers several options for cleaning up your company data file. You make these selections in steps as you progress through the wizard.

Remove transactions as of a specific date
Remove all closed transactions on and before the date you specify. Open transactions for the specified period will not be affected.

Remove all transactions
Remove all transactions from the company file. This option will cause Reckon Accounts to retain all customer and supplier names, and all items, but will delete all associated transactions. Selecting this option is like starting a new company without having to enter all the names and items over again.

Remove additional transactions as specified
Remove uncleared bank and credit card transactions, transactions marked to be printed, transactions marked to be sent, and transactions that contain unreimbursed costs.

Remove unused list items
Remove the unused list items that cleaning up leaves behind

Which transactions are not normally removed?
Normally, transactions can't be removed if they have:
  • open balances
  • reimbursable expenses that have not been reimbursed
Or if they if they are:
Payroll transactions from the current year
  • not reconciled
  • marked to be printed or emailed
  • online cheques waiting to be sent or cheques with associated pending payment inquiries
  • linked to other transactions that can't be removed
  • payments that have not yet been deposited
Options in the Clean Up Company Data wizard allow you to override some of these rules and improve the effectiveness of the clean-up process. You can also choose to remove unused list items to further refine the process.

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