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Monday, 12 May 2014

Definition of 'All-day Parking' in relation to Fringe Benefits Tax

The tax law defines 'all-day parking' on a particular day as a single car being parked for a continuous period of 6 hours or more during the daylight period.

'Daylight period' is defined as a period on a particular day that is:
  • After 7am; and
  • Before 7pm
Different parking fees that apply to different parking times may affect whether the fees paid are considered an 'all-day parking' fee.

For example, if the fee paid for vehicles entering the parking station from 1pm is different from the fee charged for the 8 a.m. entry, the 1 p.m. fee is not an 'all-day parking' fee because it is impossible to park for a continuous period of 6 hours from 1 p.m. until a time before 7pm