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Saturday 12 April 2014

Records in Could Software - If I Stop Paying.....

Whose obligation is it to keep the business records when it's all online?
What happens to your data when you stop paying the subscription?

Different companies have different policies regarding keeping the data file of a business after the subscription has finished.

We recommends keeping all business records for 7 years.

We put these questions to the software companies:
If I stop paying my monthly subscription, what happens to my business records? How do I access those records, can I re-activate the subscription, do I have a read-only version, and can I access stored documents?

Once you stop paying the following are the consequences:
  1. MYOB Live Accounts/Essentials range
    Product moves to a read only format. Remains available for 60 days. The program provides PDF reporting tools or data extraction. Reactivation of subscription is available within the 60 day period.

    AccountRight suite
    A backup of the datafile should be obtained and "Checked out" to use on your local computer (Offline).
    A local only version of program can be obtained to continue full use without "Live" services.
    If ceasing payment then file will be "Read Only" on your local machine for as long as you retain the data. All data is available for export via reports.
  2. Intuit QBO
    Access stops when payment stops, however Intuit will retain the data for 7 years. Access to the data will be re-activated when payment is started again.
  3. Reckon
    Reckon One: When payment stops, a read-only version is available. Access to the data will be re-activated when payment is started again. Reckon Hosted: Download the data to your local server. Read only version is always available. All data is available for export via reports.
  4. Xero
    In the event a subscription is deleted by the subscriber, or cancelled following non-payment, by default the data is retained on servers for 7 years. Total removal of data from servers can be undertaken if we are explicitly requested to do so in writing by the subscriber. Xero can reinstate a deleted subscription and currently do not apply an administration charge for this. If there are no unpaid invoices, generally they will reinstate within 24 hours. If there are unpaid invoices they ask the invoices to be settled, (if the subscription was cancelled due to non-payment, rather than deletion by the subscriber). Depending on how quickly this is actioned could impact the reinstatement time. A read only version is not currently available.
  5. Saasu
    No advice on this topic has been received to date but we hope to have information soon.

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