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Monday 1 July 2013

PAYG Withholding tax tables for 2013/14 income year

For the 2013/14 income year, the Government has maintained the same tax thresholds and tax rates as for the 2012/13 income year and most tax tables from the previous year can still be used.
However, there have been changes to a number of tax tables that affect employees with: 
  • Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) debts;
  • Back payments, commissions, bonuses and other similar payments;
  • Employment termination payments or return to work payments; and
  • Senior or pensioner tax status.
To assist employers in withholding the correct amount of tax, the Tax Office also provides a tax withheld calculator, which is available here.
  • The tax tables on the Tax Office website include:
  • Regular payments, including weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly tax tables;
  • Various HELP tax tables;
  • Other weekly tax tables, including tax tables with no and half the Medicare levy and tax tables for seniors and pensioners;
  • Tax tables for exempt employees; and
  • Tax tables for superannuation payments, Medicare levy adjustments, and a wide variety of other tax tables.
To access the 2013/14 PAYG withholding tax tables, click here.

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