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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Professional help with planning permit and subdivision

Going through planning permit and VCAT? Need help with subdivisions? Council giving you hard time? Need professional advise. Please read on.....

David started as a local government planning officer with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council in 2001 and has since worked with the City of Boroondara, Shire of Yarra Ranges (Team Leader), the City of Yarra, and most recently the Shire of Baw Baw. In 2005, David established Quelch Town Planning and worked as a private planning consultant engaged in a variety of land use and development projects, particularly lodging planning permit applications and VCAT representation. Working in urban fringe and inner city municipalities, both as a local government planner and planning consultant, has enabled David to gain knowledge and experience in broad spectrum of planning related fields. His trademark is hard work, honesty and a passion for planning. 
David Quelch worked as an Environmental and Planning Compliance Officer for the Yarra Ranges Council for a number of years. During this time, David audited numerous planning permits to ensure that the use and/or development complied with the endorsed plans and permit conditions. The audit often revealed that the land use and/or development did not comply with the endorsed plans and permit conditions and a Penalty Infringement Notice may be issued and enforcement action taken by Council.
Similarly, David investigated complaints and other cases regarding breaches of the planning scheme. Regularly, land owners undertake certain uses and buildings and works without a planning permit when a planning permit is required under the planning scheme. Under these circumstances, the land owner may be issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice, and Council may also seek a conviction at the Magistrates Court or an Enforcement Order from VCAT.
If you have been contacted by your local Council regarding any of the above planning compliance matters, it is essential that you seek professional advice and assistance to potentially avoid costly fines, a criminal conviction, and an enforcement order requiring a particular use to cease or building/s to be removed or other costly remedial action to be undertaken. Quelch Town Planning has the distinct advantage of having experience in both Statutory Planning and Planning Compliance and can work with Councils to resolve these issues by acting on your behalf through mediation, applying for a planning permit or amendment for retrospective approval, or other appropriate measures.
Should you have further questions, please contact David Quelch on 0410 535 043 or send him an e-mail

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